Domain of One's Own, Personal

Stepping into Domain of One’s Own

Over time, this web space has naturally become a collection of tutorials, guides & how-tos for navigating a Reclaim Hosting account. Documentation makes for really easy blog posts. And I’m constantly learning something at Reclaim. So when I learn something, I blog it. It’s been a great system. That said, there’s a whole other side of my position at Reclaim…

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Featured App: Airmail

Just wanted to pop in quick to say that if you’re in the market for a great email client, I highly recommend checking out Airmail. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now per a recommendation from Tim, and haven’t looked back since! I’ve somehow found myself in a position where I’m managing 5 email accounts, so I…

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Reclaim Your Domain

What people are saying

Wanted to take a quick minute to officially welcome Meredith Fierro to the Reclaim Hosting team via the blogosphere! Yesterday was herĀ first day as Reclaim’s fourth full-time employee, and it’s already been wonderful having her online and around the office for the extended hours. The best thing to come across my inbox today. Happy first day of full time, @meredithfierro!!…

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