Lauren Brumfield

Lauren is currently the Director of Operations at Reclaim Hosting, where she's worked for the last 4 years. She has a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from the University of Mary Washington.

Filtering Alias Email Notifications into Slack

Ok, today I set out to revamp Sales team notifications for our reseller registrars. I’ll be documenting as I go, but will first share a little back story: We have some Domain of One’s Own schools that register Top Level domains for all of their users, so keeping those domains separate from shared hosting and consolidated in their own reseller registrar account is crucial. But… Read More »Filtering Alias Email Notifications into Slack

Screenshot Scenes

Scenes from the last few weeks…which in some ways have felt like a blur, and in other ways have been great quality time. Dual monitor setup to watch Tim share for the first time! Playing Quiplash with some Reclaim peeps to keep our minds off the news. Recording an extended presentation for #OER20 :: Session available here! Participating in #OER20– a brilliant event put… Read More »Screenshot Scenes

Tips on Working from Home

With news about Coronavirus updating seemingly by the hour (I feel like we’ve been living in a movie these last few weeks), a lot of schools/businesses/organizations/etc. have resorted to sending employees home to work remotely. Reclaim Hosting included. I feel incredibly lucky that my job has been remote for quite a while now so this shift has not felt as huge for me. On the… Read More »Tips on Working from Home

Custom Page Templates in WordPress

In an effort to start unpacking all things WordPress, I decided to start first with understanding how a few basic WP dashboard tools are working on the backend. Today I’m looking at Page Templates. Now it’s one thing to troubleshoot the WordPress file system in little spurts as tickets present themselves, and another thing entirely to build out your own page template. So while this… Read More »Custom Page Templates in WordPress

February Team Learning: Domains & File Structures

The Reclaim Hosting team has started approaching professional development with a little more intention and as a group. We’ve decided to make each month as its own unit, and February is the month of Domains and File Structures. Obviously there’s a lot of ways to take this topic, so Meredith broke it down for us into three separate sections. The first third of the month… Read More »February Team Learning: Domains & File Structures

Creating Different Versions of cPanel for different User Groups in WHM

cPanel Packages work great in Domain of One’s Own or Managed Hosting environments where an administrator wants to offer different versions of cPanel to the end user. (i.e. Student vs. Faculty accounts; Beginner vs. Advanced accounts; 1GB vs. 5GB accounts… you get the picture.) Watch the video tutorial below to get a sense of what’s possible, and how you would go about creating your own… Read More »Creating Different Versions of cPanel for different User Groups in WHM