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My discovery of Casetify is the result of goofing around on a quiet Friday afternoon. I had just recently inherited my dad’s iPhone 6plus (he wanted the 7+) so I was on the hunt for a new phone case. Bryan Mathers has been doing some really awesome work for the Reclaim brand, so I thought it might be fun to showcase some of that work on a… case.

While Casetify sells predesigned cases, you’re also given the option¬†to customize your own. (And free shipping worldwide! Not a bad combo.) Plus, there’s a huge selection of the type & style of case that you want to create:

I chose the Classic Snap case because I wanted something slim. I hate bulky phone cases. My only critique is that if you have clumsy hands (ahem, me) I might suggest the New Standard case. The Classic Snap is a little slippery, so that was something I had to get used to.

^Then it was simply just a matter of dragging and dropping!

You guys- the case is so. beautiful.

^I ended up ordering one for Jim and Tim as well!

^up close. Look at that detail!

Again, highly recommend Casetify. Now obviously I have nothing to say yet about how these cases hold up over time, but they seem to have a pretty nice outer coating to help resist scratches. For what it’s worth. :)

Want your own Reclaim phone case? Email me and we’ll talk!

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