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After filming bits and pieces of Workshop of One’s Own, plus Reclaim Hosting’s upcoming marketing campaign, Reclaim Video, it has only seemed natural to revamp Reclaim’s Youtube Channel as well. You may remember seeing episodes from Tim’s Reclaim your Domain video series— it’s my hope that we’ll be bringing these back & adding to them over the next few months. I’d love a larger video presence… Read More »RH Youtube

What people are saying

Wanted to take a quick minute to officially welcome Meredith Fierro to the Reclaim Hosting team via the blogosphere! Yesterday was her first day as Reclaim’s fourth full-time employee, and it’s already been wonderful having her online and around the office for the extended hours. The best thing to come across my inbox today. Happy first day of full time, @meredithfierro!! @ReclaimHosting is lucky to have… Read More »What people are saying

Read a Featured Article About RH

PJ Fancher at just recently wrote a featured article about Reclaim Hosting. If you’ve never heard the story on how Reclaim got started, it’s definitely worth checking out. (Still a great read even if you do know the story!) Find the article here, or in the tweet below. See how @ReclaimHosting is empowering #edtech — featuring Founders Jim Groom & Tim Owens: — (@Hosting_Advice) April… Read More »Read a Featured Article About RH

Reclaim your Domain | Episodes 1 & 2

Getting set up with a hosting plan and domain can feel like a confusing endeavor if you’ve never done it before. We get support tickets all the time asking detailed questions about our sign up process, and generally ‘where to start’ once signing up. To break things down as simply as possible, we thought a video series might make the most sense. So the brilliant Tim… Read More »Reclaim your Domain | Episodes 1 & 2