Easy Fixes for your Reclaim Hosting Account

Wanted to start today with something Reclaim Hosting related: Easy troubleshooting fixes for your website. I’ve been working primarily in support since starting at Reclaim, and to be honest, most of the problems that users find themselves reaching out for end up having a very simple solution. I’ve developed a bit of a mental checklist that I run through when brainstorming with users, and thought… Read More »Easy Fixes for your Reclaim Hosting Account

Featured Applications | 02: Evernote

For me, Evernote has been that one application that keeps creeping back into my daily life without me ever making a deliberate decision to properly use it. Until (very) recently, this had been my relationship with Evernote since freshman year of college. At first I tried to take notes on it for classes, but there was always that one class every semester that had a… Read More »Featured Applications | 02: Evernote

How I Joined the #4Life Club

Hi everyone- in honor of writing my first Reclaim-related post, I’d like to officially introduce myself. Not as the sister to four younger brothers that originally acted as my online “hook” some eight years ago; not as the aspiring National Geographic photographer that took over my dreams from ages 15-19; not as the Creative Writing major that had a purse full of books instead of cosmetics;… Read More »How I Joined the #4Life Club