Removing Email Section from cPanel

It is a common request for institutions to want to remove the Email section from cPanel for end users of Domain of One’s Own or even Managed Hosting setups. To remove Email globally across all accounts, you’ll need to log into WHM and navigate to Feature Manager: Click on the main cPanel package that end users receive. In the above case, the package is called default. If… Read More »Removing Email Section from cPanel

Updated Refund Policy for Reclaim Hosting

Hey there, all three of you who found your way to this post to read about Reclaim Hosting’s fine print! We’ve updated to our Refund Policy because we now have more products and support scenarios than when Reclaim Hosting began 6 years ago, and we felt that it was time to refine how we handle things. In short, our 24-hour “No Regrets” Policy and 14-Day… Read More »Updated Refund Policy for Reclaim Hosting

Summer 2019 Check In

It has unintentionally become tradition for me to spend summers with Reclaim Hosting in a state of self-reflection as I organize my professional life, tackle a big project, and write a check-in blog post. In the my early Reclaim days the big project and summer blog posts came in the form of self teaching and pumping out a ton of ‘how-to’ articles: Site Publisher: HTML… Read More »Summer 2019 Check In

A Trip to Wake Forest

Right after the Domains19 Conference, Jim and I had the pleasure of visiting Wake Forest University for a two-day workshop around administering their new Domain of One’s Own instance, Wake Sites. I always appreciate this one-on-one time we can have we schools when afforded the opportunity, and our time at WFU was nothing but productive and rewarding. On the first morning, we met up with… Read More »A Trip to Wake Forest

Domains 19: Part 2

If you missed Domains 19: Part 1, feel free to read that post first for an overview of the first day of the conference! Day two of Domains19 was just as great if not better than day one. Martin Hawksey kicked off the day with his first-ever keynote entitled Minority Report: One Nation Under CCTV. The eerie talk was a great bookend to Chris and… Read More »Domains 19: Part 2

Domains 2019 – Pt. 1

The second Domains Conference has been in the works since last September, so it feels a bit surreal now to be back home, one week later, writing that Domains19 has come and gone. I’m not exactly in a position yet to even begin unpacking all of the conversational goodness that happened in Durham, North Carolina over those two days. I was in hostess/event planner mode… Read More »Domains 2019 – Pt. 1