Workshop Clip: DNS

Below is a clip from my session on DNS during day one of Reclaim’s Administrator Workshop. During the 45-min talk, we covered DNS basics, types of DNS records and how to edit them, handy DNS tools & strategies, and frequently asked questions. Please find the link for the talk here. Documentation guides that I wrote for this talk are linked below: • DNS Full Category •… Read More »Workshop Clip: DNS

DNS Intro

Humans are better with names than they are with numbers. If I want to visit a specific website on the internet, I’d rather remember the domain name attached to the site (reclaimhosting.com) as opposed to the IP address of the server where the site lives ( However, computers are better with numbers, not names. So we have to find something that translates domains to IP… Read More »DNS Intro

Handy DNS Tools

DNS, in general, has always been an intimidating topic for me. But the more you practice and work with it, the easier it gets! The following list of tools helps make my life easier when changing records, troubleshooting errors, etc. What’sMyDNS Going to What’sMyDNS.com is super useful if you want to check the status of DNS records during a move. If you’re pointing your domain… Read More »Handy DNS Tools